Analytics dashboards

Our dashboards deliver actionable insight and context to online trends in entertainment. We help you see how digital consumers are reacting to your content or products.

We can show you where you are growing fans on social networks and in the real world. You can set up campaign tracking and overlay your marketing or sales activities onto online activity, you can compare sales with online activity such as peer to peer networks in order to work out the location of your emerging markets or where PR has been effective.

Find out how territorial licensing is affecting your market penetration and compare everything against the competition. You can track any artist, film, tv show or game and create benchmarks for performance in territory, across genre, or any other custom parameter.

Take a look at Musicmetric, our game changing music industry dashboard or get in touch to talk about dashboards available in other sectors.


We currently power a wide range of charts for our media partners.

Our broad coverage of trends enable us to create rich, valuable and greatly informative charts across all across all areas of entertainment.

We can create charts showing the online buzz for an entity, and we can make charts that are broken down by county, city, gender, genre, social network, P2P. We can also make charts for any social network or P2P broken down by country, city, gender or genre.

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The Semetric platform is accessible via a RESTFUL API. This can be used commercially under license, or free of charge for non commercial applications or academic research. It allows access to raw and processed trend data, KPI’s, benchmarks, charts as well as direct access to Semetric services such as the sentiment analyser or entity extraction algorithms.

Bulk methods are available for large scale data analysis or ingestion. Contact us at api@semetric.com for more information on how to use the API.


Semetric offer a number of solutions for custom analysis and research.

Our bespoke reporting is a great fit for companies working in entertainment or with music. We have exceptionally comprehensive and in-depth studies on artists, films, TV shows or games looking at a range of indicators for fan demographics and locations.

We can dive into the detail in any area, from social network activity to P2P, short or long term trends, demographic best fits or most popular amongst a particular type of fan, or in a specific genre or geographic region.

If you are looking to fit an artist with your brand, or a song to your soundtrack, game or TV show, or if you need to find out what is popular across those areas with fans, our targeting can help you find all the information you need to make the right decisions and report with confidence.